My Dream

Getting into the world of happiness,
I was there with cheerfulness,
With skimpiness sorrow and solemnness.

I enjoyed the pleasant scenario,
When I stepped into the galaxy of Eldorado
I felt the lace to be quite cold,
And to my surprise, I was surrounded by cobweb of gold.

Besides, the beautiful garden,
I caught sight of the wonderful fountain,
Pouring like the curtain,
Of dazzling whiteness.

I saw the chirping birds,
The stealthily walking toads,
And the deer in herds.

Soon I was flying, enjoying the cool breeze,
Talking to the ‘the lovely legacy of wood’- the trees.

The albatross flying over the sea,
The buzzing sound of a bee,
The creatures speaking to me,
Made me feel glee.

Looking at the lighted house at my vicinity,
Giving a fever pitch and not a feeling of austerity.

I could perceive the festoons,
And there hung colourful bulbs shaped like cocoons.

I wore a gorgeous, lustrous,
Citrus, coloured dress,
I had a sumptuous regale and a splendid rendezvous,
And I felt “why can’t it be vicious?”

Just then I woke up with a scream – “yeah”,
I then realized it to be a dream.


My gift!

He, who showers affection,

He, who is known for compassion,

He, who is filled with emotions,

He, who dislikes seclusion,

He, who is poignant and helps others to overcome desolation,

He, who palliates those down with depression,

He, who is entangled with expectations,

He, who perceives the presence in the absence and feels the virtual reverberations,

He, who brings surprises during special occasions,

He, who has crazy aspirations,

He, who is always jubilant and keeps planning for an expedition,

He, who has passion for photography, that portrays his imagination,

He, who grabs female counterpart’s attention  😛 ,

He, who flabbergast the peer groups with jargons and witty circumlocution,

He, who has flair for languages and is good at communication,

He, who hangs out every day at the same location [Bhagya fast food]  😀 ,

He is my dear brother DEEPU, who enjoys my funny gesticulations.


                                     HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!

My Wish

I wish, I was a pearl in a shell,
happy without problems and pell-mell.

I wish, I was a bird,
flying high without wings, may sound weird.

I wish, I was a morning dew,
ever fresh and new.

I wish, I was a flower,
retaining fragrance forever.

I wish, the sky was not so far,
to jump and pluck the shining stars.

I wish, the rainbow never fades,
filling the azure skies with seven shades.

I wish, the leaf never dries,
bestowing pleasant sight for the eyes.

I wish, I had a magical wand,
to abrogate abject poverty on this land.

I wish, the water floats in the air,
quenching my thirst ,then and there.

I wish, the trees speak,
to convey that they are so meek.

I wish, the moon resembles a human face,
provoking the kids to have the dinner at fast pace.

I wish, I could embrace the clouds,
joyfully bouncing and going on rounds.

I wish, I could be a kid forever,
but accepting reality is always better 🙂

“Imagination is virtual”,
“God’s creation is real”

Memorable Childhood

Never one can forget the childhood days,
flashing the memory in every phase.

Bearing cherubic looks,
fascinated towards chemirical story books,
often scolded for being a ‘lazy goose’,
interested in watching cartoons,
enjoy playing with clowns and buffoons.

King, Queen, Jack and Ace,
Its a fun filled game of craze.

Exciting to play video game,
“name place animals things” had top most fame

The verve to go on a ride in a giant wheel,
going round and round gives a great feel.

Sharing petty arcane,
promises pile up like mountain.

Loving to be vivacious,
possessing exorbitant wishes,
inclined towards victuals which are luscious,
reasons for irregularity are copious,
known for being notorious.

Those bicycle rides,
undulating like tides,
grabbing attention of other’s eyes.

Falling with a jerk,
often getting hurt,
hands full of dirt,
back home with slovenly skirt,
lots of homework making us inert,
although hard feelings lurks in heart,
friends dont like to depart.

Striking the ball breaks the glass window,
neighbours shouting at the poor fellow,
dumbstruck with faces turning pale yellow.
Imagining a catapult as bow and arrow,
frightening the lovely sparrow,
shows the chap’s callow.

Willing to be a hedonist,
surprised to see a ventriloquist,
it was easy to blandish,
as we were childish.

Hearing to deluge of advices,
learning to be chivalrous,
understanding the necessity of being industrious,
prevalent qualities are possessiveness and faddiness,
occassional gifts gives happiness,
ever fond of being mischievious.

Eagerness to listen to bed time stories,
pondering on many unanswered queries,
cherishing our childhood memories,
is verisimilar to recharging batteries.

“We may grow older,
but our heart remains always younger”

Minority of women in engineering

In this present world ,there is a vast change and improvement in the life style of women and their approach towards education.Women are coming up in different fields and Women are nowadays pursuing engineering which is considered as one of the prestigious professional qualification.But despite the progress in other fields ,women represent a minority in engineering.There are different reasons for minority of women in engineering and this situation can be improved.

Firstly , there is a meagre encouragement given for taking up engineering as a professional course.This is the effect of education becoming costly and parents want to save money for the girl’s marriage. Once the parents find their girl children performing poor in academics there is a big NO for engineering eventhough the girls are interested.There is also a wrong connotation that if women has a professional qualification getting a bridegroom is difficult.Secondly, girls who feel they are not good at science or maths automatically divert their qualification away from engineering and they want to do a simple course which does not give much strain.

Very less number of students who are girls are entering IIT;the ratio is very less.Moreover there are not even handful of civil and mechanical engineers as girls.Again there is a negative connotation that women cannot sustain in this field and its difficlut for them to perform well.Its becoming rare to find women in streams like aeronautical engineering and the support given to this kind of courses is less.This situation needs to be changed.Number of women in engineering has to increase so that many budding women engineers come out in flying colours with their unique skills and innovativeness.

The girls should get away from fear that maths and science are difficult and they must face competitive entrance tests with courage. Counseling can be one of the outreach effort taken to openly hold talks with women.This can help them in many ways to get rid of their fear and boost up their confidence level.Women can express their problems to those counseling them.The awareness about what is engineering all about and the disciplines under the course can be conveyed to the school students since there is an illusion that pursuing engineering is very difficult and women cannot cope up with it.The parents must also take up counseling and they must also keep themselves well informed.

Engineering and the streams related to the course can be exhibited to encourage. Various competitions related to the same can be conducted for women and awards can be distributed which make them to self analyse their talents and skills.Organizations like IEEE has a separate body called “Women in Engineering” to encourage women to become engineers and get into relative jobs.Other ladies club members can join hands with this type of technical body to spread the message and to motivate more women to enter into engineering.This can be taken up as one of the social services even by the corporates who can give more clear picture about the course by sharing their experience and demonstrations as well.

Guest lectures can be conducted by eminent women personalities (who pursued engineering), to know some pragmatic examples about women who are successful engineers at present.This can help in building up role models who can influence the girls.Paper presentations and Design contests can conducted to motivate the girls.These outreach efforts can augment the percentage of women as engineers.

“Who is the next Kalpana Chawla?How many?”


Life is full of ups and downs,
as balls, they bounce.

It is a mixture of feelings-
tantrums, ailment, agony or gay,
longing to have a good day.

“We have our exits and entrances”,
said Shakespeare.
“Struggle for existence”,
said Charles Darwin.

Belief in luck and fate is ridiculous
for it does not guarantee success.
crossing many hurdles,
being tranquil,
with hardwork getting doubled,
success is “POSSIBLE”.

Life is said to be ‘SEVEN AGES’,
experiencing variations in various stages.

Life is like a candle,
the world regards relinquishing as mythical.
Being sacrificial is not hilarious,
but… without any expectations it is spontaneous.

Life has to be meaningful,
aimless life is awful.

Life is like a play,
do you accept what I say?

Life is as precious as gold,
so be bold,
play a good role,
become as strong as a bole.

The proverb goes-
‘life is not a bed of roses’, yet,
‘slow and steady wins the race’.

L – Love
I – Inspirations
F – Faith
E – Empathy

Environmental Degradation

Pollution ! pollution ! pollution !!!
causing environmental degradation,
do we have a solution???

Smoke from cigars,
toxins from burning plastics,
harmful gases from vehicles,
forces the occurence of debacle.

Trees plummet due to human activity,
satisfying proclivity for high-tech city,
paves way for natural calamity.

Sight of Greenery is fading,
sounds of chirping birds is sinking,
plight of mother nature is worsening.

A breakthrough in idealogy,
affecting nature’s chronology,
disturbs the balance of ecology.

Poaching breaks food chain,
deforestation ceases rain,
causing more pain,
Rendering no gain 😦

Ozone layer depleting,
sea level rising,
harbinger of global warming,
provides an inkling,
“Life of earth is shrinking”.

We dabble and accept artificial environment,
ultimately retarding ecofriendly natural development.

Nature is amicable,
its beauty is adorable.
Its our duty to nurture,
to get rid of natural disaster.

Grow more trees ,
Get more peace !!!